If you recall back to my post FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE… GOALS LIST here’s the goals list. In black is the original goals and in red are what actually happened the first semester.

  • NOT gain the freshmen *15* ♥ nope, but I did manage to lose about 5 lbs… #stress 
  • work out at least 3 times a week ♥ the first few weeks and the last few weeks… what happened in between… I do not know. 
  • become bffs with my roommate ♥ yas girl, she’s a kewl cat
  • earn straight A’s ♥ did not go quite as I imagined… but I’m not giving up!!
  • socializzzzeeee ♥ you know it!
  • no babies ♥ in my wildest dreams 
  • be organized ♥ of course
  • go to tutoring A LOT ♥ went to tutoring often… but will go A LOT more this semester 
  • study in library and ask for help ♥ I learned at the end of the semester how the library is an actual blessing 
  • get a job second semester??? ♥ I BECAME A TUTOR but am still waiting for clients
  • write in my journal daily ♥ It started off so well…:( I will try again this semester 
  • stay in touch with my closest friends ♥♥♥♥
  • call family every week ♥ bless facetime and Skype 
  • call grandma every week ♥ sadly not every week… but things will change 



Showing off my Work Pt 1

Last semester, I took a law based English class, and absolutely loved it. From helping rewriting court forms to mimicking creative genres, I developed a whole new perspective on English. I wanted to share one of my works here. I give total credit to for inspiring me to write this piece in their layout.






Gender equality is looking a bit green! After 100 years, Harriet Tubman will be our first African-American and female figure to grace the $20 bill.



A non-profit organization called WomenOn20s in January 2014. Their goal was to persuade President Obama and the Secretary of the Treasury to promote historic change in equality.



Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the US, is currently the face of the $20 bill. However, he is also the face of intolerance, as he was known for slave owning and Native American killing.  Looking back in history, 1920 was a very notable time for women since the 19th Amendment was passed, and women were then allowed the right to vote. Due to the history of the number 20, WomenOn20s geared their efforts towards changing the $20 bill to remind Americans that the US took a step towards strengthening equality in 1920, therefore these efforts should and will continue to persevere into the upcoming years, and equality will be closer to taking on its actual meaning.



Over a 10-week period, the WomenOn20s compiled a list of 20 inspiring American women throughout history and gathered two rounds of voting- Harriet Tubman won. Just as a reminder, Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist who led hundreds of slaves to freedom from the Underground Railroad, so no wonder she won.



 In 2020, which also happens to be the centennial of the 19th Amendment. What better way to celebrate this milestone than booting out an unfit male figure?



 This is the first time in 100 years the $20 bill will not only change its feature from man to women, but from a slave trader to a slave freer. This is a critical time in history as symbols and figures of our nation are essential in further promoting equality in America. This shows how powerful women are, as 2 years after WomenOn20s was incorporated, it was able to successfully finish its campaign. 

New Year New Me?

Happy New Year!!

As another year of my life has passed by, I feel the need to deeply reflect on what I achieved in 2016…

I preformed with Desi Fusion, received multiple acceptance (and the occasional heart breaking declination college letters), chose what college I wanted to attend, attended prom with a lovely boy, got pneumonia the day after, attracted an ongoing case of hives, graduated high school, received the IB diploma, flew on a plane by myself to Ohio, started college, learned how hard it was, developed lots of anxiety, caught laryngitis for three days, then finally, went to my first actual college party!

This New Year, there are many things I want to improve on. I need to focus on my goals more and not give myself excuses. I want to make a schedule and stick with it. Last semester, I had a few more downs than ups. I want to improve my GPA and educationally, feel confident and on the right track. It can be easy to simply say that I’m going with the flow and conquering each day as it goes by, but in all honestly, I know that I need to do so much more. I want to do so many things in one day, and I know that I can. But how? I have to manage, prioritize, and constantly remind myself. In a place where I am basically free and in charge of my own future,  I must chose what to do with my time.

Maybe you’re a natural Einstein when it comes to education or maybe you’re like me? Whatever it is, what are more ways you can improve?


College Real Talk Part 1

Oh me, oh my. Now that I am about two months into my freshman year of college, I have realized that this is not as easy as I thought it would be. I went into college thinking, “I went to a college prep high school, changed schools yet still met a bunch of people, how much different would college be?”

The truth is, I am overly prepared for college…. it’s not really the transition from high school to college, it’s the transition from being restricted to having your own freedom. It is also that with new freedom, comes more opportunities to meet new people and explore different routes.

College is much harder in a way that communicating with professors and peers is not as easy as when we are surrounded by the same people daily. College is a time to explore new opportunities, but if you’re like me, and making friends is not the easiest most natural thing in the world, welp, welcome to the lone wolf club. *jk jk jk* But, do put yourself out there. If you live in a dorm, like me, and your hall is not very social, you should be the social one. It is never too late to meet your hall mates. See them in a study room or in the elevator? TALK. This is something I am still working on myself, but I am not going to give up. I am determined to befriend some of them because no one is easier to become friends with, than the people you literally live right next to.

College is also hard because of the exams *DUN DUN DUN DUN*.  I have taken exams in all my classes and midterm season is just about to end, and I can definitely say, that as prepared as I felt going into the exam, coming out of them, can sometimes be a whole different story. I know that many times I am not alone and that my table mates and peers are all experiencing ups and downs in chemistry as well. Therefore, the advice that I have been sticking with, and the advice that I have been telling my friends is that no matter what grade you get at the end, as long as you did your best efforts (study sessions, not slacking, truly doing the best you feel like you can do) then that’s all there is to it. I have always strongly believed that there is is no reason to mope around over a bad exam score. I don’t think that means that you don’t care about an exam; it simply means you have accepted what has been done. You cannot change the past and therefore, why let it bring you down. Speaking from experience, there are many times where I just could not accept the score I received, and even when I ask myself, did you do your best and put your all into it? I get back answers saying I could have done this better or I could have done that better. This is TOTALLY true, but then think, if you could have done this and that better, why didn’t you? You need to own up to what happened, accepted it, learn from it, and make yourself stronger. I hate to see my friends get scared and jump to conclusions about their future because of a bad score. These things happen and it’s part of the college experience. Of course, you don’t want to do bad in college and always think “I got this next time”. If you really don’t see improvements the next exam, you need to dig deeper and see if you’re using the right resources or if a certain studying trick is working for you. But, never, ever ever ever believe that you are a failure because of one bad score (or two or three). You’re not perfect. You’ll get better. It’ll get better.

With that, I must say I really need to keep my blog updated.

Maybe my advice won’t work for you or maybe it’s a bit silly and life is so much more complicated than this, but if you live life negatively, then how can you enjoy it?


First Day of College… Goals List

Wow!!! Today is my first day of college!!! I’m a big girl now!! I wanted to document some goals and hopefully if I read enough Pinterest articles… I will have a successful first year haha.

  • NOT gain the freshmen *15*
  • work out at least 3 times a week
  • become offs with my roommate
  • earn straight A’s
  • socializzzzeeee
  • no babies
  • be organized
  • go to tutoring A LOT
  • study in library and ask for help
  • get a job second semester???
  • write in my journal daily
  • stay in touch with my closest friends
  • call family every week
  • call grandma every week

Right Before College

This past week I took my first solo trip across the US to OH-IO! Granted I’ve been there plentiful amount of times but never by myself so haha yay me… Adulting.

I’m not the type of person who has been counting down to the days until the first day of college. Dont get me wrong, I’m super excited to become besties with my roommate, experience independence 😉 , and go forward with my education. But I’m also trying to cherish the most time I can with my family and little sister. Lol but you might be like don’t you wannnnttt to leave home (finally) lol. Yeah I can’t lie, I have had my fair share of moments where in just couldn’t stand my family but now that I’m a little less than a week from moving out.. Time for college is really hitting me.  Even though my university is less than 2 hours away…I am already homesick.

Community bathrooms, doing my own laundry, socializing, cooking my own meals… INDEPENDENCE. Ah how terrifying yet exciting.

Time is Forever.


*Beep. Beep. Beep*

As I am about to start a new chapter of my life, I realize this past decade has really passed in a blink of an eye. It’s really hard to believe all that I’ve accomplished. Each day I hope and pray that the day goes by slower, but when you’re enjoying yourself and having fun with a nice pamper, family time, or day out with friends, the days glide by, the weeks prance by, and the years fly by. It’s almost as if I wish I could stop time. Stop it from making me grow up. Stop it from making me choose the wrong path in life. But, time is forever. It stops for no one. Despite family and friends, the clock has been one of my biggest influences. Everyone has a clock. The clock is what life is based on.  Even when your clock seems broken, the world is still revolving, people are still moving, and your life goes on. Mope around and not use it wisely, your clock will haunt you with regrets. And regrets don’t just disappear.

Wake up and enjoy as much of the day as possible. Don’t hold a grudge for too long. Life is an on-going course of obstacles, but with each day your time runs out. It is forever in the world, but ever second that moves, is a second lost if not valued.

There are things you should stand up for. There are things you want to say. There are things that you know are right and wrong. There are people that need to be heard. There are values and cultures that need to be learnt. Everyday is an opportunity to do something with your clock. Use them.

*Don’t press snooze.*

The Little Things and a Promise Ring


It’s really the little things that count. The little phrases that slip out like the snickers and bickers. The hugs and sneaky kisses. And when the words “I promise you all that!” come out, it’s heart warming and feels like a hundred stuffed animals giving you a hug.

And well, a little bling adds a little cherry on top to everything 🙂


But in all honesty, a little bling doesn’t mean anything, it’s the person that does.

**Pinky promises are still my favorite though**


My Experience with Clay

Raise your hand if art class is/was your favorite class in school!!! *raises hand*

Throughout high school there are happy and tough times. Through each time, I was blessed with the opportunity to take classes I loved. I want to look back and show myself that I have to have space for myself to breathe during the tough times. Ceramics was my space in high school, and aside from my achievements at school, my projects are what I am most proud of.  Either looking back or looking forward, there is always something to be proud of. Never forget even the simplest of things that you have accomplished.

There is a story behind each of these pieces linked specifically to endangered tigers. See if you can identify them 🙂


Tilting Environment 


Snowy Mountain 


Speaking Out 


Burning Wood 


Submerging Habitats 



My First Party Party Experience

Welllooo! Yes, I have *just* gone to my first actual drinking party without adults… *gasps*and man… it was quite fun! Saying that, I did not drink at all. But, people watching with your friends and just being there was an experience itself. We played beer pong with water cups even though the defeated were able to either drink water or the jungle juice (which looked and smelled to me like Hawaiian fruit punch, fruits, and berry vodka). You may say I’m such a downer for not drinking, but my advice to all you young’s, is to not drink if you are not ready or even have a slight feeling of guilt or are even afraid (totally fine!!!). Go to parties and have fun, but know your limitations and consequences! And omg if there are is white cheddar popcorn… my jolly, go INDULGE:)