If you recall back to my post FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE… GOALS LIST here’s the goals list. In black is the original goals and in red are what actually happened the first semester.

  • NOT gain the freshmen *15* ♥ nope, but I did manage to lose about 5 lbs… #stress 
  • work out at least 3 times a week ♥ the first few weeks and the last few weeks… what happened in between… I do not know. 
  • become bffs with my roommate ♥ yas girl, she’s a kewl cat
  • earn straight A’s ♥ did not go quite as I imagined… but I’m not giving up!!
  • socializzzzeeee ♥ you know it!
  • no babies ♥ in my wildest dreams 
  • be organized ♥ of course
  • go to tutoring A LOT ♥ went to tutoring often… but will go A LOT more this semester 
  • study in library and ask for help ♥ I learned at the end of the semester how the library is an actual blessing 
  • get a job second semester??? ♥ I BECAME A TUTOR but am still waiting for clients
  • write in my journal daily ♥ It started off so well…:( I will try again this semester 
  • stay in touch with my closest friends ♥♥♥♥
  • call family every week ♥ bless facetime and Skype 
  • call grandma every week ♥ sadly not every week… but things will change 



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