New Year New Me?

Happy New Year!!

As another year of my life has passed by, I feel the need to deeply reflect on what I achieved in 2016…

I preformed with Desi Fusion, received multiple acceptance (and the occasional heart breaking declination college letters), chose what college I wanted to attend, attended prom with a lovely boy, got pneumonia the day after, attracted an ongoing case of hives, graduated high school, received the IB diploma, flew on a plane by myself to Ohio, started college, learned how hard it was, developed lots of anxiety, caught laryngitis for three days, then finally, went to my first actual college party!

This New Year, there are many things I want to improve on. I need to focus on my goals more and not give myself excuses. I want to make a schedule and stick with it. Last semester, I had a few more downs than ups. I want to improve my GPA and educationally, feel confident and on the right track. It can be easy to simply say that I’m going with the flow and conquering each day as it goes by, but in all honestly, I know that I need to do so much more. I want to do so many things in one day, and I know that I can. But how? I have to manage, prioritize, and constantly remind myself. In a place where I am basically free and in charge of my own future,  I must chose what to do with my time.

Maybe you’re a natural Einstein when it comes to education or maybe you’re like me? Whatever it is, what are more ways you can improve?



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