College Real Talk Part 1

Oh me, oh my. Now that I am about two months into my freshman year of college, I have realized that this is not as easy as I thought it would be. I went into college thinking, “I went to a college prep high school, changed schools yet still met a bunch of people, how much different would college be?”

The truth is, I am overly prepared for college…. it’s not really the transition from high school to college, it’s the transition from being restricted to having your own freedom. It is also that with new freedom, comes more opportunities to meet new people and explore different routes.

College is much harder in a way that communicating with professors and peers is not as easy as when we are surrounded by the same people daily. College is a time to explore new opportunities, but if you’re like me, and making friends is not the easiest most natural thing in the world, welp, welcome to the lone wolf club. *jk jk jk* But, do put yourself out there. If you live in a dorm, like me, and your hall is not very social, you should be the social one. It is never too late to meet your hall mates. See them in a study room or in the elevator? TALK. This is something I am still working on myself, but I am not going to give up. I am determined to befriend some of them because no one is easier to become friends with, than the people you literally live right next to.

College is also hard because of the exams *DUN DUN DUN DUN*.  I have taken exams in all my classes and midterm season is just about to end, and I can definitely say, that as prepared as I felt going into the exam, coming out of them, can sometimes be a whole different story. I know that many times I am not alone and that my table mates and peers are all experiencing ups and downs in chemistry as well. Therefore, the advice that I have been sticking with, and the advice that I have been telling my friends is that no matter what grade you get at the end, as long as you did your best efforts (study sessions, not slacking, truly doing the best you feel like you can do) then that’s all there is to it. I have always strongly believed that there is is no reason to mope around over a bad exam score. I don’t think that means that you don’t care about an exam; it simply means you have accepted what has been done. You cannot change the past and therefore, why let it bring you down. Speaking from experience, there are many times where I just could not accept the score I received, and even when I ask myself, did you do your best and put your all into it? I get back answers saying I could have done this better or I could have done that better. This is TOTALLY true, but then think, if you could have done this and that better, why didn’t you? You need to own up to what happened, accepted it, learn from it, and make yourself stronger. I hate to see my friends get scared and jump to conclusions about their future because of a bad score. These things happen and it’s part of the college experience. Of course, you don’t want to do bad in college and always think “I got this next time”. If you really don’t see improvements the next exam, you need to dig deeper and see if you’re using the right resources or if a certain studying trick is working for you. But, never, ever ever ever believe that you are a failure because of one bad score (or two or three). You’re not perfect. You’ll get better. It’ll get better.

With that, I must say I really need to keep my blog updated.

Maybe my advice won’t work for you or maybe it’s a bit silly and life is so much more complicated than this, but if you live life negatively, then how can you enjoy it?



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