Right Before College

This past week I took my first solo trip across the US to OH-IO! Granted I’ve been there plentiful amount of times but never by myself so haha yay me… Adulting.

I’m not the type of person who has been counting down to the days until the first day of college. Dont get me wrong, I’m super excited to become besties with my roommate, experience independence 😉 , and go forward with my education. But I’m also trying to cherish the most time I can with my family and little sister. Lol but you might be like don’t you wannnnttt to leave home (finally) lol. Yeah I can’t lie, I have had my fair share of moments where in just couldn’t stand my family but now that I’m a little less than a week from moving out.. Time for college is really hitting me.  Even though my university is less than 2 hours away…I am already homesick.

Community bathrooms, doing my own laundry, socializing, cooking my own meals… INDEPENDENCE. Ah how terrifying yet exciting.


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