Time is Forever.


*Beep. Beep. Beep*

As I am about to start a new chapter of my life, I realize this past decade has really passed in a blink of an eye. It’s really hard to believe all that I’ve accomplished. Each day I hope and pray that the day goes by slower, but when you’re enjoying yourself and having fun with a nice pamper, family time, or day out with friends, the days glide by, the weeks prance by, and the years fly by. It’s almost as if I wish I could stop time. Stop it from making me grow up. Stop it from making me choose the wrong path in life. But, time is forever. It stops for no one. Despite family and friends, the clock has been one of my biggest influences. Everyone has a clock. The clock is what life is based on.  Even when your clock seems broken, the world is still revolving, people are still moving, and your life goes on. Mope around and not use it wisely, your clock will haunt you with regrets. And regrets don’t just disappear.

Wake up and enjoy as much of the day as possible. Don’t hold a grudge for too long. Life is an on-going course of obstacles, but with each day your time runs out. It is forever in the world, but ever second that moves, is a second lost if not valued.

There are things you should stand up for. There are things you want to say. There are things that you know are right and wrong. There are people that need to be heard. There are values and cultures that need to be learnt. Everyday is an opportunity to do something with your clock. Use them.

*Don’t press snooze.*


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